Upcoming event!! Aloft Hotel Solo Show October 17th, 2017 everyone is welcome to this free show! Complementary wine! Hope to see you there!! 


Then and Now, journey of artwork, shows and all the love to share 

My first show was at Scottsdale Studios, almost 9 years ago. It’s hard to believe how fast time flys but also how long it takes for art to travel. I began this piece called ” Remember Your Roots” at this specific show and it ended up at Aloft Hotel Downtown Phoenix. It represents family, and what we stay grounded in. It’s where we came from and what helped us bloom. It’s a positive uplifting light given out to you to love and be inspired by. I hope you love it. It can be seen in person along with other pieces at Aloft Hotel Phoenix. 

Then: 2005 

Now: 2016 Aloft Hotel Lobby since Sept. 2015 


Michelle received her painting and loves it! She now has it hanging on the wall of the stairs in her home! I love people loving my work, and having it be apart of their life. It’s the best feeling in the world! Let me know if I can paint something for you too!  


Newest commission! Thanks Michelle! 

Michelle contacted me through a friend I know at work. She had seen my work posted through Facebook and decided she wanted one for her home! I’m blessed to be able to create for people! Let me know if you too would like an original for yourself! 🌻 beautiful day for peace, love, art and of course, flowers!