Artist Statement

My art is me. My mind, my inside. The way i imagine life could be and the way I wish the world was consistently. Color can be hard to harmonize, but I enjoy that challenge. I love hard lines and floral patterns. I love symmetry and have an obsession with great vibrant color. Painting helps me explain myself better, in a way i can not with words. Painting helps me vent, calms me and places me soo far away from where i really am. Painting and creating sets me free. Im given the ability to imagine these pallets and images and I love to share them. I love to manipulate the images i create into tangable items. I love nothing more than for someone to be able to “take art with them” and really make it apart of their lives. Like a favorite backpack pattern or your new wallpaper, wrapping paper for gifts or stationary or even a new phone case. All designed from artwork.  Life can be chaotic, I would never want to put out bland work. I still love to share the excitement of vibrating colors and take the observer away from their everyday,  good or bad. Ihope you enjoy my mind, Alive on the Outside.


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