Passionate and inspired freelance, commissioned and exhibiting artist. Specializing in acrylic, watercolor and mixed media on canvas and other materials. Focusing on abstract and floral designs as well as fabric and textile prints. A dedicated sales and customer service professional with a proven history of company commitment and a flare for developing customer loyalty and satisfaction. Seeking an exciting challenge in a fast paced creative environment, which will provide an opportunity for continued professional and personal growth in the design and creative field.


Energetic, joyful, passionate customer service professional with over ten years in fine art, design and trendspotting as well as eight years of experience in the high end leisure and hospitality market for boutique resorts in Scottsdale Arizona.

My uniquely blended background of former and current experience allows a consistency in design of all formats. Pillows, wallpaper, wrapping paper, backpacks, books, and greeting cards from original artworks that are manipulated as pattern prints. The use of bright exciting vibrating colors is my passion that can be translated to any surface or application.

Taylor Steele Art & Design  Scottsdale, Az 85258


With a strong understanding of color theory and design, I am able to combine the needs of the client and their environment to create artwork for living spaces and beyond. Repurposing items creating a new life. Focusing on attention to detail to see the whole job through. Considering space, light, color and texture to harmonize fabric patterns, surface design and artwork in all environments. Online portfolio available at & Instagram @Ta5TE

Freelance Design Work and Exhibits

2015- Aloft Hotels local exhibiting lobby artist

2015- Aloft Artist Solo show

2015-Modify Spa and Cafe local exhibiting Artist.

2015- Continuation of designing and painting for reproduction of textiles and fabrics.

2014- Artopia Phoenix showcasing vendor

2014- Designed Seasonal Swim Board for CoreBoard Company.

2014- Head Design Specialist of RV and motor home remodels

2014- Hand painting and repurposing chairs, tables and all furniture for resale

2013- Hand designed custom fabric for pillows and scarves and much more.

2013- Mural Tree Painting for home interior living space and children’s room

2011- Designed wrought iron gate for Zona Resorts in Scottsdale, Az.

2011- Designed and painted Diamondbacks bar and cabana signage for Millennium Resort Scottsdale, Az.

2010- Customized and painted abstract artwork to match fabric for interior living space and commercial space.

2009- Live painting on stage at local concerts

Omni Scottsdale Resort 4949 E. Lincoln Dr. Paradise Valley, Az 85253

March 2015-Current

Networking daily with business clients to facilitate partnership for future business ventures and events. Server and bartender at one of Arizona’s finest Spanish fine dining restaurants, working closely with customer service and logistics for banquets and corporate conferences.

Camping World 2222 E. Main St.Mesa, AZ 85213

December 2013- March 2015

Design Center Specialist committed to customer service and satisfaction. As the company’s head designer remodeling motorhome and RV interiors. Integrating new furniture into small spaces. Measurements and quoting for labor intensive jobs like removal and installation of flooring. Contacting vendors to get the best pricing and color matching for customers. One on one contact with customers and vendors to see the whole job through while creating pleasing pallets for comfortable living spaces.

The Xona Resort Suites 7677 E. Princess Blvd. Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

June 2011 – November 2013

Professional sales and customer service, creating specialty beverage recipes for the menu offered in a high volume atmosphere. Designed wrought iron gate for Zona Resorts in Scottsdale, Az. I handled incoming customer phone calls for restaurant reservations and resort room service orders. Managed the area revenue and pay outs to other employees and supervised the opening and closing of the service area. Cross trained in all areas of food and beverage service ie banquet server, bartender, hostess, waitress and designer for outdoor spaces.

                   *Received Employee of the Month ‘ award in December 2011, May 2012, December 2012 and in June 2013.

The Millennium Resort 7401 North Scottsdale Road Scottsdale,  Arizona  85253 

March 2006 – June 2011

Began as Hospitality Hostess providing excellent customer service then promoted to head cocktail, shortly after, to lead bartender creating customized cocktails for menus and special occasions. I also received phone orders for food and beverage reservations and room service orders. I tracked the area bank for co-worker pay outs each day, while opening and closing the service area. Designed and painted Diamondbacks bar and cabana signage for Millennium Resort Scottsdale, Az.  

                 *Received Employee of the Month awards in May 2004, March 2006, May 2007, November 2009, and June 2011

EDUCATION: 2011-2014

Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale Arizona

Associate of Fine Art in Painting

2008 – 2010  Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale Arizona

Associate of Fine Arts

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